Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A One Man - A Christmas Carol

Southern Winds Theatre


A One Man
A Christmas Carol

(This is our 12th Season)

Adapted and performed by
David A. McElroy

Directed by
Marylin McGinnis

Choreographed by
Pam Killinger

StageManager and Sound Operator by
Bonnie Sprung

University Unitarian Universalist Society
December 18
7:00 PM
$10.00 and $8.00 Students

11648 McCulloch Road, Orlando FL 32878
407-737-4018 Reservations

Stardust Video and Coffee
December 19 (NOTE: December 20th canceled due to event at theatre)

7:30 PM
$15.00 and $10.00 Students

1942 East Winter Park Road, Orlando FL 32803 • 407-623-3393
www.southernwindstheatre.com - credit card orders only and for information

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holiday Stop and Shop at Robb & Stucky

Holiday Stop and Shop
at Robb & Stucky

A Free Networking Event

December 10th,

Imagine coming to network & leaving with
Great Holiday gifts.

Keisha’s Beautiful handbags-Upscale Purses at great prices

Atec Travel with great deals and cash back

Ingrid’s Relaxation Station-Massage, Biomat and facial toning

Norma’s Fashion-Custom Jewelry and beautifully handmade Shawls

Santana Mobile Detailing-treat your car to Champaign on a beer budget

Trustco Bank Your home town bank come see Dan Felix

Donna Johme ~ Home Renovation Magazine

Bellomo Chiropractic offering New Year New You Certificates

Bonnie with Art and Affordable health benefits for all your needs

Great giveaways & door prizes from all vendors

Robb & Stucky Community Room

351 S. State Road 434
Altamonte Springs
Corner of 434 & Westtown Parkway

For more info or to be a vendor call:

Keisha at (407) 749 ~ 8143

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Art and Wine Tasting

Bonnie Sprung invites you to her
Holiday Art and Wine Tasting
at Lake Mary Cork&Olive Wine Bar & Wine Store

Friday December 11, 2009
5:00pm - 8:00pm

The Holiday's are here and what is better than
giving original art to your friends and family.
While enjoying some Wonderful Wine!

From Fun Art to Traditional and prices ranging from $8 to $300.

Bonnie wants to know... Do you love to travel?

Find Out How You Can $AVE Money
On Your Next Trip and Find the
perfect Holiday Gift.

Shoppes of Lake Mary
4247 W. Lake Mary Blvd.
Lake Mary, FL 32746

So Social Special Holiday Event

I want to let you know about the So Social Holiday Happy Hour being held at Café Murano (formerly Gina’s Lakeside Grill at Uptown Altamonte on Cranes Roost) on Tuesday, December 8th from 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm.

There will be complimentary admission with a new unwrapped toy for Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

Café Murano is offering extended happy hour drink prices ($2.00 drafts, $2.25 cocktails, and $4.00 house wine) and complimentary hors d’ oeuvres at the event.

I hope you will be able to attend this event and please extend an invitation to all of your friends, family and co workers to attend this Special Holiday Event.

It would be great to have a large turnout to help fill the truck with toys for those less fortunate this year during the Holidays who are at Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children.

Thanks for helping and remember, it is complimentary admission with the new unwrapped toy.

I hope you can make it NEXT Tuesday, December 8th at Café Murano. For more information, just go to www.sosocial.com.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Friday Night Art Stroll of Baldwin Park

3rd Art Stroll of Baldwin Park!
One Great Night For Art in Baldwin Park!!!
Friday, October 16, 2009
6:00pm - 9:00pm
New Broad Street Orlando, FL
The Baldwin Park Merchants Association, represented by Pat Jones Petrick, will present the Fall Art Stroll of Baldwin Park. The Art Stroll will start on New Broad Street downtown at 6pm and continue until 9pm. The event is free and open to the public. This Art Stroll will feature diverse artists from Central Florida. The Art Stroll will feature live painters creating artwork on the sidewalk, original fine art for sale by some of the region’s emerging and accomplished artists, and live music.

I'll be in front of Trish's Teas - Tea, Trinket & Treasure Boutique. I'll have my fun Disk Art, Oil Paintings, Digital Oils and a variety of prints.

My Mask for Auction

This is the Mask I designed for an upcoming Fund Raiser
"Hoooowl for the Arts" 2009" In Seminole County, FL It is called "Starz-A-Glow"
It does glow in the dark. It will be auctioned off to raise funds for the arts. It looks way cool in person. So check it out on Oct. 24th. 6:30pm - 10:00pm at the Seminole Harley Davidson—Buell dealership, in Sanford.

For more info go to the website....


Monday, September 7, 2009

Body Sculpting – Part 7

Super Sets and Compound Sets.

I look at these types of workouts two different ways. Just to do something different or sometimes just to get in and out fast.

Supersets are two exercises for the same body part, one right after the other; quick. A back workout example would be – front pulldowns and back pulldowns. You do one set of front immediately followed by the set of back. Then rest a few seconds and then on to set two – front then back then rest and again totaling three sets. Increasing the weight with each set.

Here is a chest workout example – dumbbell press and flys. You can do all one exercise followed by the next exercise then rest or you can do a rep of one, then a rep of the other and back and forth and so on. To be more specific; you do one press then in the up position turn that into a fly and back down to a press position, etc…

Another good superset would be for legs. This may be a bit tougher and have you breathing harder, but do a set of leg extensions, followed immediately by a set of squats; or to make it a bit easier a set of dumbbell lunges.

As you can see the variety is endless.

With compound sets you are doing two different body parts. You can put chest and triceps together or back and shoulders or legs and abs. These are just examples.

Another form is complex compound sets, which combine three exercises in a row for the same body part. So when working out, you will never get in a rut. Your workouts should be fun and not a chore. It keeps the muscles continuing to take shape. So you have the ability to sculpt the physique you want; whether toned or hardcore.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


For the month of September I will be showing what I call DISK ART.

The funny thing about this art is that I really never cared too much about abstract art, but all of a sudden I found myself just having fun with colors, different paints and techniques. So inturn the art is abstract. The disks that I use are CD’s and DVD’s that I recycle. They are one’s that were bad or have gone bad, scratched, etc. Now they have a new life in Fun Art.

My DISK ART show can be seen in the room that you can lounge around in, at the
Dandelion Communitea Café

Opening reception of the OMA after Party is
Thursday Sept. 3rd (First Thursday)

618 N Thornton Ave, Orlando FL 32803
One block southwest of the Mills & Colonial intersection, right behind
Colonial Photo & Hobby
and Little Saigon in the Mills50 District

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Body Sculpting – Part 6

Super Slow

I use the super slow technique in between sets. Some sets I only do all super slow and sometimes the very last set or even the very last rep. It all depends on my mood and how I want to work a particular muscle.

That also goes for what body parts work best doing super slow. Now you can say all the body parts can be done super slow, but I only like to do certain ones.

Arms is an easy choice on most exercise’s for biceps, triceps and forearms. Chest, I would do only the last few reps super slow with dumbbell presses and even fly’s. Both at a light weight. Barbell presses would be OK to do if you have a spotter. Since I workout by myself, I am limited on super slow. Having a spotter would be helpful to finish off that last rep or two.

Back exercise’s, like pulldowns would be slow on the second half of the rep. Pulling down would be at a normal speed and a slow up and stretch.

I like doing only doing leg extensions super slow, especially the last rep or two. You end up with a nice burn. I usually do the first 8 to 10 reps at a normal speed and the last 2 reps Very Slow. Same goes for leg curls. All the reps for calf raises are done at a super slow speed. Once again a really nice burn.

So I go by feel when I work out. If I want that extra ooomff to the muscle, I put in a super slow set.

Your muscles will wake up.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Body Sculpting – Part 5

What exercise’s should you be doing?

Well, I know what I like. I do have my favorite exercise’s and unfortunately you still need to do the ones not so fond of.

I love to make training fun. I mix up the routine and these are several ways that I keep it fresh.

1. Light Weights
2. Super Sets
3. Heavy Weights
4. Super Slow
5. Combination Sets

As I have mentioned in part 4, I have been breaking my body into two body parts over a three day workout. I begin with arms and shoulders. My routine looked like this.

Lateral Raises –
Set 1 – 3lbs. – 15 reps
Set 2 – 5lbs. – 12 reps
Set 3 - 5lbs. – 12 reps

Sitting Shoulder Press
Set 1 – 5lbs. – 12 reps
Set 2 – 5lbs. – 12 reps
Set 3 - 10lbs. – 10 reps

Standing Bicep Dumbbell Curls
Set 1 – 5lbs. – 15 reps
Set 2 – 5lbs. – 12 reps
Set 3 - 10lbs. – 10 reps

Standing Cable Bicep Curls
Set 1 – 20lbs. – 12 reps
Set 2 – 20lbs. – 12 reps
Set 3 - 30lbs. – 10 reps

Triceps Presses
Set 1 – 30lbs. – 12 reps
Set 2 – 40lbs. – 12 reps
Set 3 - 40lbs. – 12 reps

Overhead Dumbbell Triceps extensions
Set 1 – 3lbs. – 12 reps
Set 2 – 5lbs. – 12 reps
Set 3 - 5lbs. – 12 reps

This workout was around 30 minutes. To get a great workout, you don’t have to be in the gym for hours. A few minutes, is plenty. It’s the quality not the quantity.

Chest and Abs –
Chest happens to be one of my favorite body parts to work.
I start off with Dumbbell Presses:
Set 1 – 5lbs. – 15 reps
Set 2 – 10lbs. – 12 reps
Set 3 - 10lbs. – 12 reps

Dumbbell Fly’s:
Set 1 – 5lbs. – 12 reps
Set 2 – 10lbs. – 12 reps
Set 3 - 10lbs. – 12 reps

Dumbbell Pullovers:
Set 1 – 10lbs. – 12 reps
Set 2 – 10lbs. – 12 reps
Set 3 - 15lbs. – 10 reps

Finish off with 3 sets, 15 reps of crunches for the Abs.

The third day is Legs and Back.
Back is another favorite, though I don’t really care for legs. Maybe, because it is one of the largest body parts and there is more teeth grinding and grunting as I push my way through.
I begin with Back.
Front Pulldowns:
Set 1 – 30lbs. – 15 reps
Set 2 – 40lbs. – 12 reps
Set 3 - 50lbs. – 12 reps

Pulldowns behind the neck:
Set 1 – 40lbs. – 12 reps
Set 2 – 40lbs. – 12 reps
Set 3 - 50lbs. – 12 reps

I like to stretch my back out between sets. Then finish with
Dumbbell Rows:
Set 1 – 15lbs. – 12 reps
Set 2 – 20lbs. – 12 reps
Set 3 - 20lbs. – 10 reps

Leg Extensions (Machine):
Set 1 – 10lbs. – 15 reps
Set 2 – 20lbs. – 12 reps
Set 3 - 20lbs. – 12 reps

Lying Leg Curls (Machine):
Set 1 – 20lbs. – 15 reps
Set 2 – 30lbs. – 12 reps
Set 3 - 30lbs. – 10 reps

10lb. Dumbbell Squats – 3 sets of 12 reps

Finish off with 3 sets, 15 reps of body-weight calf raises.

As you can see the weights I have been using were very light.
As the weeks and workouts continue the weight will get heavier. But, always start any workout with lightweights, no matter how strong you get. This is your warm-up.

I hope I have been inspiring you to get back into the gym. You will thank me.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Too Young Too Soon

It’s bitter sweet to see so many friends you haven’t seen in a long time at a service for another friend who we will miss deeply. Mark Priest’s day was filled with music, skits, love, laughter and tears. As was his life.

It has also been a long time since I got one of his famous bear hugs, though I did the same right back. Which followed by big smiles. And, I smiled every time I thought of Mark.

Back in 1997, I was working for a production company, which I created the mock ups for key art. I was working on a poster for a television show that was in the stages of being developed and I asked several actor friends of mine, if they would let me photograph them for a design I had in mind. One of those friends was Mark. In my layout of the design, his photo was right in the center. The name of that show was called ANGEL FORCE.

That show never did see light, but now Mark’s center spotlight has spread wider with his Angel Wings that he now wears.

Over the past four years I have been to more services for friends and family who have left us way too soon and too young. Fifty was not my favorite number, but for Mark who never even got that chance to see it and celebrate it….. I am now making a decision to no longer complain about getting older. Yes there are always regrets about stuff you did or didn’t do, but that is life. And whether you think it’s too late, well, think again. My goal is to reach 150. This is my birthday month, and since the number doesn’t change for a couple of weeks, I can say I have 100 years to go.

With photos, video, words and a great memory; friend’s and family (My DAD, Mark, John, Craig, Holly, Mike, Robert) who have left us way tooooo soon, will never be forgotten.

Whatever you believe in, know that life is precious. Enjoy every minute, for yourself or with those you love. And for everyone who misses someone who no longer is here in body, your memory keeps them alive. And look…..


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Body Sculpting – Part 4

Lets recap what I have done so far. I started working out again 3 weeks ago. After a very long time of not stepping foot into my gym; I made a decision to get back into it and that has been the best move I have made. I sleep better and wake up refreshed. Many of the creeks have gone away.

Back in 1993 I was in a car accident (I was rear ended) and left me with a herniated disk. Neck surgery fixed me back up, but for years I woke up with a bit of a stiff neck. But, since I have gotten back into the gym that stiff neck is no more.

The first week began with a full body workout – using very light weights; 2 sets of 12 – 15 reps. One exercise per body part. Then moving onto week two, I split my body up to two sections each. Arms and shoulders, chest and abs, back and legs. This schedule will be for two weeks; with 2 – 3 exercises per body part, 10 –12 reps, 3 sets each.

In my last post I mentioned that I worked out with free weights. I feel using a variety of dumbbells, barbells and certain free weight machines gives your muscles an overall better workout. Mix up your exercises with every session. Not only will you never be bored, you will find that your muscles will have better response.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Body Sculpting – Part 3

As I sculpt my physique, I do it with free weights. With free weights you have the option of getting a more detailed workout.

The muscle has four sides, so when lifting the weight you can do so by changing the angle. That gives you the control of working out a desired side. When you are locked into a machine, you don’t always have that option to change the angle.

You should always remember your workout's should never be the same. The only thing that stays the same is the body parts you work on. But, the exercises should be different. And the major reason for this is that you muscle remembers. If you do the same routine each time, the first two to three sessions your muscle will respond. Then after that, the muscle will say boring and not respond. If you do the same routine for way too long, the muscle can do the opposite and atrophy instead of build. So mix it up and it will wake up those fibers to create new ones. For a more detailed you.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Body Sculpting – Part 2

We now go from full body workouts to breaking down parts into three sections.

My first workout will be arms and shoulders. Next back and legs, then day three with chest and abs. Each section will be two exercises per body part. Starting with light weight and gradually increasing; ten to twelve reps, three sets each.

When I workout or train others, I never pre-stretch any muscle. The reason for this is your muscle is like a rubberband, if you over stretch it and then add weight it can break. So, warm up with light weights first.

Now you can get your heart rate up a bit with a ten minute aerobic exercise. I recommend to bike and after the workout or cool down with a walk.

Part 3 in a few days.... If you have any questions please comment or you can find me on Facebook.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Body Sculpting – Part 1

I finally made a decision to fall out of bed and into my gym, that I have neglected to utilize in a very long time. What is great to know is that muscle has a memory.

I competed back in the 1980’s up to the early 1990’s. Having put on size that got me to national competitions, then over the years of not pumping iron, I still have some muscle, just very lean. I said for years that I needed to get back into the gym and put my size back on.

As I just mentioned; muscle has a memory and within two weeks of working out – that size is slowly showing back up. Not only do I feel great, I am now looking forward to my workouts.

To give you a small snip of what I do and since I used to work out, my body will get back into it pretty quickly. With any start, you need to gradually build into it.

The first two weeks consisted of a full body workout. Doing one exercise per body part. Light weights, high repetitions. Anywhere from twelve to fifteen reps, three sets each. Working out every other day and gradually increasing the weight.

The best feeling is getting that burn and the soreness of the muscles that night or next day. The reason for this, is that when you workout you are tearing down the muscle and when you are
recuperating, you are rebuilding muscle.

As an artist, I consider my body ART and I am sculpting the physique. Anyone can be an artist and begin to sculpt.

Friday, July 31, 2009



“Chiaroscuro: Dark and Light”

Presented by the Women’s Caucus for Art, this exhibit displays striking images and bold compositions in contrasts of darks and lights.

Exhibit Dates: August 8th - September 25th

Hours: 8 am – 5 pm, Monday - Friday

Location: Casselberry City Hall

95 Triplet Lake Drive

Cost: FREE

Reception: Saturday, Aug. 8, 2009, 7-9pm

A Brisk Broadway by Bonnie Sprung

Neu America Art Magazine – Art Show

Neu America Art Magazine – Art Show

The Fine Art Gala, Grand Opening was last night, Thursday, July 30th at the Cruises Only Building (1011 E. Colonial Dr., Orl. FL) The show continues through Sunday, Aug. 3rd. 6-10pm Fri. and Sat., 10am-4pm on Sun. There is a $5. donation with all proceeds benefiting Pet Rescue by Judy.

The opening was well attended. Please go out and support this show and magazine. Hats off to Edemuel Mora who puts together a wonderful magazine and the show is fantastic. The show consisted of the artists that are featured in the magazine.

The magazine comes out every 3 months and he will be having an art show along with it. Issue 3 will be October, 2009. For more info on advertising go to www.nafaf.com.
Find your local art gallery for your Free copy of Issue 2, featuring Allan Cody-Rapport, Artist of the Month.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

An Evening with a BEAT POET

I have been working with David for several years. In December it will be our 12th year doing his one man show of A Christmas Carol. I don’t remember how many years he has been doing this show, maybe close to 6. All I can say we get better every year and if you get a chance to see any of his one man shows -- go. You’ll be coming back again and again. I guess you can say we have followers. That’s very cool.

Since Southern Winds Theatre is a traveling theatre company. We are always looking for new venues to perform at. For more information on all the shows; go to www.southernwindstheatre.com. You can book a show for your venue or to make a reservation to see one.

Southern Winds Theater


An Evening with a BEAT POET

Written by Steve A. Rowell and David A. McElroy

Directed by Marylin McGinnis

Performed by David A. McElroy

Sound/Stage Manager/Photo by Bonnie Sprung

Friday, August 14, Saturday, August 15
and Sunday, August 16, 2009

8:00 PM

Tickets $15.00

Stardust Video and Coffee
1842 E. Winter Park Road
Orlando, FL 32803

For information 407-341-3495 or www.southernwindstheatre.com

If you think you know who
this Beat Poet was . . .
think again

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

SFA Miss Saigon 2009

As I had mentioned before, this was my eleventh season with Summer Fine Arts (SFA) as the Set Designer. And once again the kids just amaze me. You could have just closed your eyes and you would think your listening to a Broadway production. Then open your eyes and see an amazing set. I may have designed the show utilizing several references from Broadway to some college productions, mixed in with my own ideas. But; the kids did execute the building and painting, with myself and the other teachers instructing them on what to do. Every part of this wonderful production with the exception of the conductor and musical director’s are performed by the teens; that list includes, cast, stagemanagers, stagehands, rigging, lighting, sound, and orchestra.

Major props goes to the incredible and many costumes created, picked, designed by Sharon Clark. This was Sharon’s third year with SFA and it was up to her to costume over 100 kids with several costumes each. She had several parents and teens working hard up to and through the production.

One of the biggest surprises was our helicopter. A very memorable scene that doesn’t last very long, and yes it was a real helicopter. Thanks to our military, this was one that had seen several tours and was now going to be used as a instructional tool for schools.

I want to thank all the kids for a fantastic production.
I also want to thank the other Staff Instructor’s:
Director – Kevin Buck
Musical Director – Michael Coppola
Technical Director – Steve Rossi
Orchestra Director – Wayne Bresette
Rehearsal Accompanist – Jeanie Black
Production Business Manager – Jeri Laufenberg
Choreographer – Kristin Fernandez
Costumes – Sharon Clark
Chief Engineer – Steve Clark
Assistant Technical Director – Josh Henn
Master Carpenter – Josh Huss

More photo’s can be seen at

For the event code
Please ask for that in a comment below.

You can find me...

Monday, June 22, 2009

SFA - Miss Saigon Update

There are two more weeks of rehearsals, building and painting. We are making great progress and here is a sneak preview of the sculpting of Ho Chi Minh.

Come on out to see the finished bust and to see some more wonderful surprises this High School Summer Theatre will bring.

Brevard County Schools 2009 Summer Fine Arts Theatre Workshop in cooperation with Brevard Community College presents "Miss Saigon" at Merritt Island High School Auditorium.

July 9 and July 10 - 7:30 p.m.
July 11 - 2:00 p.m.

Reserved Seating Orchestra and
Lower Mezzanine - $10
Upper Mezzanine - $8.

For more information call Box Office (321) 454-1000, Ext. 4100

WCA Florida Chapter August Exhibit

WCA FL will have an exhibit at Casselberry City Hall.
This show is open to all.
No entry fee for WCA FL members. $25.00 fee for non-members.

CHIAROSCURO: Darks and Lights
(Britannica Concise Dictionary – chiaroscuro (Italian; “light and dark”)
contrasting effects of light and shade in a work of art.)

August 2009

Applications postmarked by July 10, 2009

For an application please contact Judith M. Elliott
407 774 5035

or e-mail with "WCA" in subject line.



The Women’s Caucus for Art, founded in 1972, is a national organization unique in its multi-disciplinary, multi-cultural membership of artists, historians, students, educators, gallery and museum professionals.) The WCA, Fl chapter, in being multi-disciplinary , is now open to every creative discipline. This encompasses writers, musicians, performance artists, film, dance, and architecture, as well as the visual arts.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Amazing High School Kids

This is my eleventh season with Summer Fine Arts (SFA).
And with each year the kids just amaze me. Teens ranging from 14 to 18 years go full steam for five weeks, rehearsing, building, painting to bring a full scale musical to life.

I am the set designer/teacher for this program. After I collaborate with the Director and the Tech Director on how to design the show, then the kids are shown how to paint the set that is also being built by the kids.

The amount of teens that come to SFA can range from 90 to 140. This year we have 120; 30 are tech and the rest are cast. The tech consists of set building, set painting, costumes, assistants to the director, musical director and choreographer.

I'm in charge of overseeing the painting of the set. I teach them different techniques of scenic, depending on what show we are doing. Each show is unique. Some more stylized to some more realistic.

Here are the list of the shows in order, I have designed for SFA
Annie Get Your Gun
Pajama Game
Crazy For You
42nd Street
Children of Eden
Music Man
How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying
Beauty and the Beast
Thoroughly Modern Millie
Les Miserables

This year we take on Miss Saigon.

Here are some photos documenting first 2 weeks.

The Brevard Public Schools-Brevard Community College Summer Theatre Workshop production: "Miss Saigon" at Merritt Island High

Performances: 7:30 p.m. July 9 and 10 and at 2 p.m. July 11.

Tickets go on sale next week. Prices are $10 and $8. Orders may be placed by calling the Merritt Island (454-1000) auditorium offices

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Art Stroll – A Clear Night

It was a bit of touch and go for a bit, while the sky turned grey, and the rain came down. Then as the time got closer to the First Friday Art Stroll in Ivanhoe Village, the sun began to peek through and my wishes were answered. The ground dried up and it was a beautiful warm sunny late afternoon for the art stroll. I sold some art and that put a big smile on my face. Barb, the owner of the shop; Oldies but Goodies told me I was the first artist that she had for this event who sold some art. That even put a bigger smile on my face. So if you missed coming by, you can check out my Etsy Shop on the web. Go by time to time, see what new art I have added. You will find a variety of art from original oil paintings, digital art, recycled DVD and CD’s turned into disk art, jewelry, and prints.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

First Friday Art Stoll – Ivanhoe Village

Come on out to the last Art Stroll until it returns in the Fall on June 5th from 6-9pm. The art galleries and shops of Ivanhoe Village open their doors to a variety of local artists working, showcasing and selling their creations. Many of the merchants will be open late for this fun event, so you can stroll along Orange Ave. between New Hampshire and Prinston Ave., while enjoying drinks, food, live music and of course great art.I will have my art displayed at Oldies but Goodies, 1907 N. Orange Ave., Orlando FL 32804. You can guess by the name of the store that you can find something from the past. This wonderful antique store is owned by Barb; who will be happy to help you find that something you have always wanted.

And I will have original art, green art, wearable art and a variety of prints.

See you on Friday, June 5, 2009.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Visual Fringe 2009

The Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival starts May 14th and ends on 25th, during the 12 days of theatre, music, comedy, drama, juggling, improve, etc… you will find an eclectic array of Visual ART! I will be posting more YouTube videos on Fringe, meanwhile here is a sneak peak at my art that is in this years Visual Fringe.

The Fringe is 100% sales goes to the artist, no matter what type of artist you are… performance or visual. This years Fringe Festival is going GREEN and along with that, you will find many art creations have gone GREEN too. Originally when I created my art, I wasn’t even thinking GREEN, I was just thinking how can I use dead DVD’s and CD’s. Throwing them out wasn’t the option, so I gave them new life.

This one is called “Recycled Trees” materials used on the disks were muslin and textile puff paint.

This one is called “A Great Change” materials used on the disks were muslin, acrylics, crackling varnishes and oil paints.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Neu America Art Magazine Launch

Florida... there is a new Artist magazine on the stands. FREE to everyone. A magazine geared to promote local artist’s. On May 1, 2009 at Shan Chinese Restaurant & Shushi was the location for the launch. The walls were filled with the art of Wilson Romero who is the magazine’s artist of the month.
A big congratulations to Publisher and Editor Director Edemuel Mora for his vision.
The evening brought out some of the other artists who’s work also graced the pages. Abdul Delgado, I recently met at the Hispanic Expo and Donna Rupe came out for the festivities.
The magazine has a calendar open to anyone who gets their art event info to the magazine one month prior. I want to thank Edemuel for putting in my May 3rd event. And if you would like to advertise or maybe featured contact Victor Daza at 407-529-6322 or 321-948-8310. The website is still growing and info on a fantastic new competition can be found there along with being in the hardcopy of the magazine. Check out nafaf.com.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Show called Graphic Content

I am a bit behind on posting where I have been and what I am up too…. Then again it’s never too late to talk about past shows and on-going shows. Last weekend (Apr. 24, 2009) I got a chance to stop by a show at a friends bar called Little Fish Huge Pond. It’s a fun spot with a very funky interior. Along with some of the unusual wall hangings, there is lots of art everywhere. That includes the bathrooms. I even have a few pieces of art for sale and when I stopped by, it was nice when Moire handed me some money for art sold.
(The art in black mat is one of mine)

Back to the show that features new and emerging artists along with some of the curators work (Liz Watkins). GRAPHIC CONTENT an art show: Features Craig Beverly, Adrienne Lee, Roger Datt, and Sonia Boodhram. Here are a few pixs...

The one who is painting; calls himself Lunchbox...
More pixs can be found on my facebook site.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Theatre Backdrop

A few posts back, you got to see the eleven seven foot high airbrushed portraits I produced in six days. I’m tired just remembering it. Last weekend I got to see the final finished backdrop for the production “The Secret Garden” at Merritt Island High School.

The backdrop was actually the interior of the mansion. Each portrait beautifly framed. The portraits were airbrushed onto a sharktooth scrim. This type of scrim is opaque when lit from the front and becomes transparent when lit from the back. With this effect you then got to see the actors who portrayed their ghosts. The effect was brilliant.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Uniquely Sprung's Next Events

Mark your calendars for May 2nd and May 3rd. I will have my Uniquely Sprung Originals for sale at two fun events.

On Saturday, May 2nd starting at 12:00pm it’s the Grand opening of Rancho Tequila, 2198 Four Winds Blvd, Kissimmee, FL 34746. There will be plenty of entertainment, food and art. Along with lots of raffle prizes donated by the sponsors.

I’ll have a variety of art for sale. Originals, prints and wearable art (T-shirts, hats, jewelry).

If your into Green – I create one of a kind jewelry and disk art that is made by recycling Styrofoam and CD/DVD’s.

Then come out the next day and celebrate Israel turns 61!

Along with what I will have at Rancho Tequila, I will have my Judaica art for sale at Cranes Roost Park, Altamonte Springs, Fl for the Israel Independence Day 2009 celebration from 3:00pm – 8:00pm. Free Admission -- Open to the Public

This is the perfect opportunity to find something for yourself and your mom, since Mother’s day is a week later.

Two days of FUN for everyone.

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