Wednesday, July 15, 2009

SFA Miss Saigon 2009

As I had mentioned before, this was my eleventh season with Summer Fine Arts (SFA) as the Set Designer. And once again the kids just amaze me. You could have just closed your eyes and you would think your listening to a Broadway production. Then open your eyes and see an amazing set. I may have designed the show utilizing several references from Broadway to some college productions, mixed in with my own ideas. But; the kids did execute the building and painting, with myself and the other teachers instructing them on what to do. Every part of this wonderful production with the exception of the conductor and musical director’s are performed by the teens; that list includes, cast, stagemanagers, stagehands, rigging, lighting, sound, and orchestra.

Major props goes to the incredible and many costumes created, picked, designed by Sharon Clark. This was Sharon’s third year with SFA and it was up to her to costume over 100 kids with several costumes each. She had several parents and teens working hard up to and through the production.

One of the biggest surprises was our helicopter. A very memorable scene that doesn’t last very long, and yes it was a real helicopter. Thanks to our military, this was one that had seen several tours and was now going to be used as a instructional tool for schools.

I want to thank all the kids for a fantastic production.
I also want to thank the other Staff Instructor’s:
Director – Kevin Buck
Musical Director – Michael Coppola
Technical Director – Steve Rossi
Orchestra Director – Wayne Bresette
Rehearsal Accompanist – Jeanie Black
Production Business Manager – Jeri Laufenberg
Choreographer – Kristin Fernandez
Costumes – Sharon Clark
Chief Engineer – Steve Clark
Assistant Technical Director – Josh Henn
Master Carpenter – Josh Huss

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