Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Custom Purple Doodle Tshirt

I originally did this fun Purple Doodle Tshirt in a size Large. Then someone wanted one like it, but in a 2X Large. That was going to be a bit of a challenge but not impossible. The reason why is every shirt that I hand dye can never really be duplicated exactly but very close. This Tshirt had more of a challenge to it. It was layered in several colors of spatter. That's right I said spatter. I may tie some parts but I also like to just spatter. 

After I have dyed the shirt to my liking and did all the finishing spatter touches. The shirt is then heat set after it has hung dry. If I put it in the dryer when it's still wet, it may shrink. So I only put it in the dryer for a quick tumble when the shirt has already dried. That way the material is then nice and soft. The customer is also informed to only wash the Tshirt in cold water and hang dry.

Front of white V neck Tshirt after hand dying.
Back of white V neck Tshirt after hand dying.
After I have dyed the Tshirt, then an added layer is hand drawn on. Using the Slick Textile paints. The squeeze bottle makes it easy to draw with. The first time I did this shirt, I just started to doodle. I had no real design plan or where it was going. I just started to doodle. After awhile it started to take shape and I knew how I was going to finish the look of it. Then I got an order to recreate it. Once again it was not exact but the shape was pretty close and the doodles, well they are just that. I did put in the same words and little peace and heart symbols, that I did on the original. Here are some photos as I doodled.

This was the finished front until I added a little bit more on the edge.

This is the finished back of the shirt

Here's the finished Tshirt. You may notice that I signed my name. I do that on all my Tshirts. Because every shirt I do is a one of a kind Original Tshirt. Even if I'm recreating a look. As I mentioned before, I can copy the look, but since it's not exact, it's still an Original. 

 If you would like to see more of my Tshirts. Got to my ETSY shop where you can see more of my original designs. Just like I did with this shirt -- you may see a design, but not in your size, just let me know and I will create your own custom original. Have an idea... colors, certain design, wording, etc.. I'll be happy to create your one of a kind original. 

Remember you are not just wearing a cool Tshirt, you are wearing ART.

Depending on size and detail of shirt, prices may vary.

In my shop you will also find Original Fine Art, Scarves and Prints.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Past Portraits by Bonnie Sprung

Here are some images of portraits I have painted long ago, 
back in the early 1980's.
I like to work from photos. 
If I can take the photo myself it's even better.

"Carolyn & Mickey Sprung"
This is an oil painting of my parents wedding photo.
I painted this for their 25th Wedding Anniversary.

This is my Grandmother Bell.... my Dad's Mom.
I've always had a strong connection to her, 
even though she passed away when I was only 2 yrs. old.

"Emmett Kelly"
Here is a time when I was really into clowns. I still love them, 
but I used to enjoy painting them. 
This oil painting was done from photos I found. 

Then Circus World opened and I was super happy. 
I would go often with camera in hand. 
The oil painting below is one that I created from the photos I took.

"Circus World Clowns"

 Like any artist my work has gone through several changes.

I thought it would be fun to post some of the paintings
that still hang in my parents home.

More recent portraits I have painted was for a 
theatrical production of “The Secret Garden” 
at Merritt Island High School. 
These were very large and airbrushed on a shark-tooth scrim.

You can find my newest work on this blog and in my ETSY store.