Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Show called Graphic Content

I am a bit behind on posting where I have been and what I am up too…. Then again it’s never too late to talk about past shows and on-going shows. Last weekend (Apr. 24, 2009) I got a chance to stop by a show at a friends bar called Little Fish Huge Pond. It’s a fun spot with a very funky interior. Along with some of the unusual wall hangings, there is lots of art everywhere. That includes the bathrooms. I even have a few pieces of art for sale and when I stopped by, it was nice when Moire handed me some money for art sold.
(The art in black mat is one of mine)

Back to the show that features new and emerging artists along with some of the curators work (Liz Watkins). GRAPHIC CONTENT an art show: Features Craig Beverly, Adrienne Lee, Roger Datt, and Sonia Boodhram. Here are a few pixs...

The one who is painting; calls himself Lunchbox...
More pixs can be found on my facebook site.

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