Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Can You See CARE

"Can You See CARE" is the title of my latest painting for my 
Watery Landscape - Hidden Word Series

This series was started back in 2010 and already has been showcased in two solo gallery shows. You can see images on some earlier posts. 

"Can You See CARE" by Bonnie Sprung

This painting is 25" x 28" in size.

All originals are for sale. Prices available on request.

Prints on all my paintings are also available. Some are located on my ETSY shop.

To explain the series... Each painting has a hidden word. Some are easy to see, some take a bit longer. The way the trees, leaves and plants are placed create a letter, thus creating a word. Each word is a motivational type word. 

I hope you are enjoying my series. If you have a word in mind that I haven't painted yet, Please let me know. Thanks.

Bonnie :)