Sunday, May 10, 2009

Visual Fringe 2009

The Orlando International Fringe Theatre Festival starts May 14th and ends on 25th, during the 12 days of theatre, music, comedy, drama, juggling, improve, etc… you will find an eclectic array of Visual ART! I will be posting more YouTube videos on Fringe, meanwhile here is a sneak peak at my art that is in this years Visual Fringe.

The Fringe is 100% sales goes to the artist, no matter what type of artist you are… performance or visual. This years Fringe Festival is going GREEN and along with that, you will find many art creations have gone GREEN too. Originally when I created my art, I wasn’t even thinking GREEN, I was just thinking how can I use dead DVD’s and CD’s. Throwing them out wasn’t the option, so I gave them new life.

This one is called “Recycled Trees” materials used on the disks were muslin and textile puff paint.

This one is called “A Great Change” materials used on the disks were muslin, acrylics, crackling varnishes and oil paints.

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