Monday, September 7, 2009

Body Sculpting – Part 7

Super Sets and Compound Sets.

I look at these types of workouts two different ways. Just to do something different or sometimes just to get in and out fast.

Supersets are two exercises for the same body part, one right after the other; quick. A back workout example would be – front pulldowns and back pulldowns. You do one set of front immediately followed by the set of back. Then rest a few seconds and then on to set two – front then back then rest and again totaling three sets. Increasing the weight with each set.

Here is a chest workout example – dumbbell press and flys. You can do all one exercise followed by the next exercise then rest or you can do a rep of one, then a rep of the other and back and forth and so on. To be more specific; you do one press then in the up position turn that into a fly and back down to a press position, etc…

Another good superset would be for legs. This may be a bit tougher and have you breathing harder, but do a set of leg extensions, followed immediately by a set of squats; or to make it a bit easier a set of dumbbell lunges.

As you can see the variety is endless.

With compound sets you are doing two different body parts. You can put chest and triceps together or back and shoulders or legs and abs. These are just examples.

Another form is complex compound sets, which combine three exercises in a row for the same body part. So when working out, you will never get in a rut. Your workouts should be fun and not a chore. It keeps the muscles continuing to take shape. So you have the ability to sculpt the physique you want; whether toned or hardcore.

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