Tuesday, September 30, 2014

ARTLANDO Competition Painting

Started with a blank canvas at 11:30am and finished by 5pm on Sat. Oct. 27, 2014 at the first ARTLANDO event.  This big one day Art Fest took place in Loch Haven Park, Orlando FL.

"SUBWAY METRO" by Bonnie Sprung

This painting is the first in a new series. I'm still working on a series title.
The series will be of two images of the same but in two different places.

Back in 2002 I was riding the Paris Metro and this accordion player comes onto the car and plays. Of course I photographed him and painted him in oil on wood.

Then recently Sept. 2014 I was riding the New York Subway and this accordion player comes onto the car and plays. Of course I photographed him and thought what a cool concept to paint the two accordion player images together.

Here is the original photographs put together and desaturated the color.

The way I paint.... I use an assortment of bright acrylic colors then I finish off the painting with a combination two or three colors in oil. 

For more original paintings and prints you can go to  

Enjoy :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

DiskArt Paintings

CD/DVD RIPLEY by Bonnie Sprung ©

This painting can be seen at Ripley's Believe It or Not! in San Fransisco, CA.

There are 150 disks. Each CD and DVD were painted with a variety of acrylic colors; then linked together. The portrait of Robert Ripley was then painted in oils. Along with the final framing the total size is 4'5"x5'5".

When I delivered RIPLEY to the FL warehouse
On May 2, 2014 I debuted a new DiskArt Painting at Faith Arts Village Orlando (FAVO)  221 East Colonial Drive Orlando, FL 32801.

This new DiskArt painting has a total of 207 CD's. What is different from the RIPLEY is that the disks are layered giving it a 3D look. The final size is 5'5"x4'2". The painting is also a portrait of Louis Armstrong and called CD 3D LOUIE.

CD 3D LOUIE by Bonnie Sprung ©2014

 CD 3D LOUIE has been hanging since May in the Casselberry City Hall, FL. On Sept. 5, 2014 it will hang for a one day show at the Downtown Orlando University Club. This painting is still for sale. 

Hanging at Casselberry City Hall, Florida

My DiskArt are created with CD/DVD disks that were old, worn and bad. So instead of them going into the garbage or recycle bin, they have found their way to me and I turned them into cool art. I am always in need of them, so before you toss any, please send them my way. I will give them a new life. One that will put smiles on faces in a new way.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Donation to BASE Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation

Back in February 2013 I created a project that helps raise money for BASE Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation.

With this project I create a type of Artist Trading Card called an ACEO (Art Card Edition and Original)

You can read more on how I got started and why on my first blog post on this project. Posted Wed. Feb. 6, 2013 at

Every time I created an ACEO card and someone has made a donation for one, I numbered the back, signed it and scanned it. The reason I make sure I have a digital copy of the image; is for another future project to raise more money for BASE Camp.

To date I am up to number 93 ACEO cards. The minimum donation for a card is $3.00 but many have donated more. My first donation of money raised was presented today to Terri Jones in the amount of $250.00.

Maybe after more people read this post and my earlier posts that they will want to donate for a cool motivational word ACEO card and the next check will be even bigger.

This photo is a gift I promised when I first met Terri Jones and Cindy Crespo-Whitaker. The first four ACEO cards I created are of BASE (Believe, Achieve, Support and Educate). I framed them for their new office.

Here I am presenting Terri Jones with a $250.00 cashiers check. 


Please Like my ACEO Facebook page - www.facebook.com/BonniesAceoProjectForACause

Here is BASE Camp Facebook page -
BASE Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation
They are located in Winter Park FL.
The Founder is Terri Jones

Here is a way for you to get your own card with this easy
PayPal button.
Simply type in your motivational word you would like to have
created in ART and then click the Buy Now button.
50% of your $3.00 Donation will go to
BASE Camp Children's Cancer Foundation.
Your Motivational Word

Your word will inspire me to make it look cool in whatever medium I feel like working in at that moment.
Collect them, frame them, give them as gifts. Whatever you do with your words, each one will be numbered, scanned and recorded for future ABC motivational books, that will also benefit BASE Camp.

Bonnie Sprung and Terri Jones - Donation and Gift for BASE Camp