Sunday, August 2, 2009

Body Sculpting – Part 1

I finally made a decision to fall out of bed and into my gym, that I have neglected to utilize in a very long time. What is great to know is that muscle has a memory.

I competed back in the 1980’s up to the early 1990’s. Having put on size that got me to national competitions, then over the years of not pumping iron, I still have some muscle, just very lean. I said for years that I needed to get back into the gym and put my size back on.

As I just mentioned; muscle has a memory and within two weeks of working out – that size is slowly showing back up. Not only do I feel great, I am now looking forward to my workouts.

To give you a small snip of what I do and since I used to work out, my body will get back into it pretty quickly. With any start, you need to gradually build into it.

The first two weeks consisted of a full body workout. Doing one exercise per body part. Light weights, high repetitions. Anywhere from twelve to fifteen reps, three sets each. Working out every other day and gradually increasing the weight.

The best feeling is getting that burn and the soreness of the muscles that night or next day. The reason for this, is that when you workout you are tearing down the muscle and when you are
recuperating, you are rebuilding muscle.

As an artist, I consider my body ART and I am sculpting the physique. Anyone can be an artist and begin to sculpt.

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