Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oy Vay

Just recently I videoed a funny musical called Oy Vay The Musical. Music and lyrics by Elinor Brownstein, produced by Elinor Brownstein, directed by Sandra Lacey, book by Lacey/Hodges and it was workshopped by the cast. The cast included, Laurie Copeland as Gladys, Scott Hodges as Marvin Katz/Young Mr. Katz/Grampa Katz, Judy Kaie as Bertha Katz, Sandra Lacy as Midge/Young Bertha and Lisa Leonard as Fanny.
I uploaded one of the songs to my YouTube site, or you can click on it from the video bar on this page. Check out their website, for the next time it plays again.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Third Thursday, Jan. 15, 2009

Third Thursday is a night many galleries in downtown Orlando, have opening receptions. So it’s a great night to gallery hop.

The Women’s Caucus for Art had their first art show of the new year at the Metro Gallery in Orlando, FL. The show was curated by Brad Biggs and Karen Carasik of COMMA gallery helped hang the show.

The WCA artist’s showing are:
Bonnie Sprung, Betsy Bohrer, JoAnne Adams, Sandra Scheetz Wise, Jan Tunnell, Judy Elliott, Karen Brannen, Karen Carasik, Betty Bay, Barbara Phelps and Claudia Bach.

More photos are on my Facebook site.

Coming up next for the WCA FL chapter is our annual Heart & Sole fund-raiser. This will be our 5th year. We raise money for the Heart and Stroke Association, Hospice of the Comforter and the WCAFL scholarship fund.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another Round: Small art for a small venue!

On Tuesday, Jan. 13th I sold some fun art. This is a great way to start the New Year. All the art was no bigger than 7 inches. Hence, small art for a small space. Liz Watkin’s of Urban Stew had this great idea to show at Wally’s, a bar that’s been there for over 50 years. And this was the it’s second art show; last year was the kick off with Urban Stew presents Stories from the Cocktail Napkin. Liz decided to recycle her outdoor umbrella that got attacked by one of our hurricanes. In doing so it turned out to be a great way to show the small art.
I decided to recycle CD’ and DVD’s, using muslin, acrylics and fabric dimensional paints. I just had some fun. And they were a big hit; I sold several. Donna M. Suries was another artist also recycled; and her crushed can art was also a big hit. Donna liked my disk art and I liked hers, so we exchanged.

Here are a couple of new owners of some Sprung Original’s. Thanks R. Merrill and Joe. Others were camera shy.
You can find some more photos on my Facebook page.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Quick Art Update

This has been a crazy week. I have 2 art shows coming up in the same week and in-between I have been working on some very original T-shirt art. Here is a section of a sample of what will be up for sale on Etsy. I hope to have my store up and running in the next few days.
If you stopped by my blog a couple of days ago, you would have noticed the newest video on my YouTube video bar. This is a video I produced for a short film competition I entered back in 2006. It’s called 4 FL Days in 10 Minutes. The WCA FL Chapter hosted the Summer National Board meeting. And in conjunction with that we had a national art show called REVISIONING, that was held at the Maitland Art Center on July 18, 2005. Before and after the meetings, a 4 day weekend was set up with sightseeing and gallery tours. We also honored several artists at our First Awards gala, held at the Deland Museum. The video is fun and fast. Enjoy.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A Show for Small Work

I’m excited, last year Liz Watkins came up with a brilliant idea to have a show at Wally's Mills Avenue Liquors. And Urban Stew presented Stories from the Cocktail Napkin. It was a hit. Wally’s is this small bar that’s been there forever. There is a liquor store upfront and the bar in the back. So when it comes to wall space for a show there is none. Clothesline hung and the clothespins displayed the art over the patrons heads. Not so high that you can’t see the art. Every time a piece was sold, it was replaced with new or spread out to get a better view.

Oh, but why am I excited. This year’s show; Another Round: Small art for a small venue! Tuesday, January 13, 2009 – 8-11pm. Once again it is at Wally's Mills Avenue Liquors
1001 N. Mills Ave. Orlando, FL 32803.

If you happen to be in the Orlando area, stop on in and buy some art. As Liz says “Don't miss the most talked about art show in Orlando.” This is a one night only exhibit. Original art that is no bigger than 7 inches and prices start at $5 and up.

Here are a few of my recycled CD and DVD’s that now have become some fun creations.

See you on Tuesday, January 13, 2009.

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Art New Show

I am a member of the Women’s Caucus for Art, Florida Chapter (WCAFL) and coming up on January 15, 2009 is WCA juried show at the Metro Gallery. This is one of the galleries showing on Third Thursday.

The piece I am working on can viewed and bought as one or can be viewed and bought as eight. I am not only a fine artist, but is also a set designer and scenic painter. So with this new painting, I have incorporated my theatrical side. If I want to create brick walls onto my set, I have two options, painting the bricks on the flat surface or creating a more realistic look. With the realistic look, I use a Styrofoam, in which I burn the grout lines. I do this using an old fashioned charcoal burner. When I do this for a theatrical production, I usually use the cheaper white Styrofoam sheets. But, for my art, I am using the heavier blue or pink insulation foam. To make the foam stronger after I have burned my lines, I then glue and paint muslin onto it. That will give me a canvas like surface to paint on. The background and base of my painting is done i
n acrylics. Then the main finished painting is done in oils. I find the oil paint has a more brilliant look to it.

This painting is simply called “Bricked Landscape”. Each of the eight sections is numbered. You can say this is sort of a puzzle piece. And the full size is 8 foot wide by 4 foot high and each section is a two by two section.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Sprung Introduction

I just wanted to begin my first art blog by wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

I am the owner of Uniquely Sprung Art Studio, that was established in 1986.
As we all grow through the years, so has my art. My main medium is oil painting. Photography, illustration, acrylic and digital have also been featured or combined with. What also keeps me busy is theatrical productions and public art.

So come back now and again to find out what I have been doing in my studio.