Saturday, May 14, 2011

Table Top Art

Local Bar Uncle Lou's is this dive in need of a makeover. Suzan Elizabeth steps in and gathers several artists to help out. First she has painted one of the long walls black. A blank black canvas for several artists scheduled to start painting from 3pm Sat. May 14th. Today on Fri. the 13th of May, she began to hang original local art on the opposite wall. Along with the walls, there are a few black round 3' tables also canvas ready for more artists to paint.

I decided to tag a table with something fun to sit and look at. This was a great way to advertise me. With some of my art for sale on the wall and now a permanent table with my name and website ( for all who stop by to see.

Here are some photos from start to finish. Enjoy.

Stop by Uncle Lou's Entertainment Hall (Lou's LMGA) and check out the new and improved space. 

Remember to support your local artists and bars.

Uncle Lou's Entertainment Hall
1016 N. Mills Ave.
Orlando, FL 32803
407-898-0009 (Phone)
Hours:   Monday-Sunday 8pm-2am