Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Art in Steps

Watery Landscapes
Hidden Word Series

newest work in progress to finish

Step 1: stretching the new work

Step 2: This is muslin painted in  various acrylic bright colors.
Step 3: laying in the letters. At the moment you can read the word, but as I add layers and details of my trees, it will take you longer to see what it is. And that is the point :)
Step 4:  First layer of blue oil color.
Step 5: Layers of purple added.
Step 6: Almost done. I'll decide in the morning what finishing touches I need to do then I'll sign and it will go into 3rd Thurs.CityArts Factory show.
The final finished work. This can been seen at The CityArts Factory, in downtown Orlando.
This photo doesn't do this work justice, see it in person to be amazed.

"Can You Find The Pride"
Oil / Acrylic on Muslin
by Bonnie Sprung 
© 2011
CityArts Factory
29 South Orange Avenue  Orlando, FL 32801