Saturday, August 15, 2009

Too Young Too Soon

It’s bitter sweet to see so many friends you haven’t seen in a long time at a service for another friend who we will miss deeply. Mark Priest’s day was filled with music, skits, love, laughter and tears. As was his life.

It has also been a long time since I got one of his famous bear hugs, though I did the same right back. Which followed by big smiles. And, I smiled every time I thought of Mark.

Back in 1997, I was working for a production company, which I created the mock ups for key art. I was working on a poster for a television show that was in the stages of being developed and I asked several actor friends of mine, if they would let me photograph them for a design I had in mind. One of those friends was Mark. In my layout of the design, his photo was right in the center. The name of that show was called ANGEL FORCE.

That show never did see light, but now Mark’s center spotlight has spread wider with his Angel Wings that he now wears.

Over the past four years I have been to more services for friends and family who have left us way too soon and too young. Fifty was not my favorite number, but for Mark who never even got that chance to see it and celebrate it….. I am now making a decision to no longer complain about getting older. Yes there are always regrets about stuff you did or didn’t do, but that is life. And whether you think it’s too late, well, think again. My goal is to reach 150. This is my birthday month, and since the number doesn’t change for a couple of weeks, I can say I have 100 years to go.

With photos, video, words and a great memory; friend’s and family (My DAD, Mark, John, Craig, Holly, Mike, Robert) who have left us way tooooo soon, will never be forgotten.

Whatever you believe in, know that life is precious. Enjoy every minute, for yourself or with those you love. And for everyone who misses someone who no longer is here in body, your memory keeps them alive. And look…..


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