Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bonnie's ACEO Project Update 3

What puts a smile on kids faces.... Fun Art.

On Friday nights BASE Camp Children's Cancer Foundation 
brings dinner and a movie to the kids at several hospitals. 
I have been creating fun art for some of the kids at Arnold Palmer Hospital.

Bonnie's ACEO Project for a Cause is helping 
BASE Camp Children's Cancer Foundation

This Project puts smiles on faces all around. The ones I do for the kids at the 
hospital and for everyone else who would love to donate a few dollars to
get an original ACEO art card for themselves or for a gift.

Each card is numbered and recorded. Eventually many of the cards will be published 
as an ABC Motivational book. 

Recently Base Camp was one of the charities at a fund-raising event (Xtreme Dance Studio BASE CAMP event 2nd Annual Wine SoirĂ©e at The Vineyard Wine Company in Lake Mary, Florida.)  I set up a table with Original ACEO cards that could be purchased that night. 
The ones sold I numbered and recorded.

In my earlier blog posts you can read on how and why I got this project started.
 Please Like my ACEO Facebook page - www.facebook.com/BonniesAceoProjectForACause
Here is BASE Camp Facebook page - 
BASE Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation
They are located in Winter Park FL.
The Founder is Terri Jones

Here is a way for you to get your own card with this easy
PayPal button.
Simply type in your motivational word you would like to have
created in ART and then click the Buy Now button.
50% of your $3.00 Donation will go to
BASE Camp Children's Cancer Foundation.

Your Motivational Word

Your word will inspire me to make it look cool in whatever medium I feel like working in at that moment.

Collect them, frame them, give them as gifts. Whatever you do with your words, each one will be numbered, scanned and recorded for future ABC motivational books, that will also benefit BASE Camp.

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