Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bonnie's ACEO Project Update 4

The doodling of a fun Motivational Word on a simple two and half by three and a half size mixed media paper is what creates my ACEO card.

This is a project I started back in Feb. of 2013 to help BASE Camp Children's Cancer Foundation. With each card created, a big portion of the donation goes to help fund what is needed for the kids and their families of BASE Camp.

There are several ways you can get one or more Motivational ACEO Cards.

There is a link on this post and my earlier posts that you can send in your
donation by PayPal. If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn you know that I do several Art events a month and I always have my ACEO cards and supplies on hand. You can get one that I have already created or I'll create your favorite word at that time. If time is short I will mail it to you.

Here are a few ACEO cards that have been purchased during an Art stroll or Networking meeting. 

Most of the time you can find me during the month at:

1st Wed. Wine and Art Stroll in Lake Mary
1st Friday FAVO - Faith Arts Village Orlando
2nd Thurs. Wine and Art Stroll in Thornton Park
3rd Thurs. Church St. Art Stroll
occasionally I am at 4th Fri. Art Stroll Downtown Sanford

Please share this post and my earlier posts.
The first will also explain why I am doing this.

Please Like my ACEO Facebook page - www.facebook.com/BonniesAceoProjectForACause

Here is BASE Camp Facebook page - 
BASE Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation
They are located in Winter Park FL.
The Founder is Terri Jones 

Here is a way for you to get your own card with this easy
PayPal button.
Simply type in your motivational word you would like to have
created in ART and then click the Buy Now button.
50% of your $3.00 Donation will go to
BASE Camp Children's Cancer Foundation.
Your Motivational Word

Your word will inspire me to make it look cool in whatever medium I feel like working in at that moment.

Collect them, frame them, give them as gifts. Whatever you do with your words, each one will be numbered, scanned and recorded for future ABC motivational books, that will also benefit BASE Camp.

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