Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bonnie's ACEO Project Update

I first want to say Thank You to everyone who has responded, donated and loved their new ACEO original artwork.

This is a project that I started in Feb. 2013, to help raise funds for 
BASE CAMP Children's Cancer Foundation.

BASE CAMP is a central Florida non profit that has been serving children affected by cancer for 30 years.  Terri Jones program began in 1982, and focus on helping the entire family through this journey. 

When I was introduced to this foundation, I knew it was a perfect fit for me. I was looking to pay it forward. Unfortunately Cancer has run in my family, so we have always given to the various foundations. BASE CAMP being in my own backyard. I wanted to help out the local kids and families in need. 

So, what you can do ... Simple

Send a Self Addressed envelope along with $2.00 and your favorite Motivational Word.

I will create an ACEO original artwork with the word of your choice, and mail it back to you in the self addressed envelope you provided. Only one word per envelope. There is no limit on how many ACEO cards you would like.  

All the Cards are numbered, and one day may become a book with just the image of the ACEO card and their number.

Here are a few that have already been done and mailed.


Get an Original Motivational Artwork and 
Help a Cause at the same time.

All for $2.50 and the price of a stamp.

Mail Money Order to
Bonnie Sprung
167 Plumosus Dr.
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

Only ONE ACEO per envelope

Here is a way for you to get your own card with this easy
PayPal button.
Simply type in your motivational word you would like to have
created in ART and then click the Buy Now button.

Your Motivational Word

Your word will inspire me to make it look cool in whatever medium I feel like working in at that moment.

Collect them, frame them, give them as gifts. Whatever you do with your words, each one will be numbered, scanned and recorded for future ABC motivational books, that will also benefit BASE Camp.
For more info on how this all began and the definition of ACEO, please read my first post 
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