Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bonnie’s ACEO Project for a Cause

It’s been a little over seven years since I lost my dad. Growing up; I have always tried to give to charities. One of the main ones, we gave to was Leukemia because my grandmother (my dads mom) passed from, when I was two.  She was only 52. My mom is also a survivor from that big C. For many years, the ORT Foundation was a charity my mom worked for and she still gives too. Plus my mom also crochets baby blankets for Project Linus. So I have always given, when I can to the big charities. When my dad passed at the young age of 72, we gave to Hospice. Now all those charities are great and are always in need, but I wanted to do something for a foundation in my own backyard. What I found was a foundation that not only deals with that big C, it also helps children and their families.

Lately I have been thinking of how I can do something for others with my ART.

In an art show I was set up in last week, one of the other artists had these small pieces of art she called ACEO’s tacked up on the wall.  I was curious; and after asking “what are these ACEO’s?” , she sort of explained. I was still perplexed and inspired at the same time. I was already doing small art, but they were magnets.

Then early Monday morning I was watching The Jeff Probst Show and he had this gal on who created happiness with a handwritten note, leaving them for strangers. I also thought why can’t I make people happy with an original piece of artwork.

So what if you need an explanation, you Google it, right? That’s what I did …. ACEO is Art Cards Editions and Originals. This was a movement that started ten years ago on Ebay. They are a standard size trading card (two and one-half inches by three and one-half inches) The size is the only rule in creating one, you can use any medium and any surface desired.

What has also inspired me are Motivational Words. Everyone has seen these in all sorts of ways, from posters to rocks and on and on… What I have done over the past few year’s, is to put words on wearable art, recycled art and high end art.

Now to explain my ACEO Project….

Choose a motivational word that you would want turned into art.
Mail me your word along with a 
self addressed stamped envelope and $2.00.
50% of the money will go to  
BASE Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation
They are located in Winter Park FL.
The Founder is Terri Jones

I will mail you back your word in an original ACEO. 
Whatever your word is I will be inspired to make it 
look cool in whatever medium I feel like working in at that moment.

Here are four samples of: BASE is an acronym for.

these are the foundations important core values.

BASE CAMP is a central Florida non profit that has
been serving children affected by cancer for 30 years. 
Their programs began in 1982 and focus on
helping the entire family through this journey.

Get an Original Motivational Artwork and 
Help a Cause at the same time.

All for $2.00 and the price of a stamp.

Mail Money Order to
Bonnie Sprung
167 Plumosus Dr.
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701

Only ONE ACEO per envelope

Or donate $3.00 by PayPal
Simply type in your motivational word you would like to 
have created in ART and then click the Buy Now button.
50% of your $3.00 Donation will go to BASE Camp Children's Cancer Foundation.

Your Motivational Word


  1. What an awesome inspirational idea! I pray people jump onboard this great idea. Go for it, Bonnie!

  2. Bonnie -- thank you for doing this. Not only is BASE camp a wonderful operation worthy of support, I love what you're planning to do. I will pass your info onto others I know. Good luck with this inspirational project.