Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Nice Wekiva Day

On Saturday, March 7th, I spent a few hours out at our beautiful Wekiva Springs State Park & Wekiva Island, Apopka, FL. Over the past week and ending on the 7th, was the 2009 Riverfest & Wekiva Paint Out. There was many hiking, walking and boating tours; but what I was most interested in was the Wekiva Invitational Plein Air Paint Out. Most of the artists worked throughout the week to fill up the outdoor art show. I did find 6 out of the 24 busy at their easels.

Enjoy some of my photos.

I did get to meet Elisabeth Ferber, who’s art was used for the events posters, postcards and programs.

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  1. I so wanted to go!! I had other committments...Glad to see it here