Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Airbrushing A Backdrop

Picking up an airbrush is like riding a bike. Even though it’s been many years, you never forget. I forgot how much fun it is and at the same time a little frustrating when it wouldn’t cooperate.

As a set designer and scenic artist I usually work on backdrops that are muslin. Painted with rollers and brushes. But I was asked to paint this open weave drop that looks opaque when lit from the front and then becomes transparent when lit from back to reveal the action behind. It’s a great look. But in order for the design to work, the image has to be airbrushed on. Rollers and paint brushes don’t work, because the paint would clog the holes of the cloth.

And that is when I was called to dust off my airbrushing experience and paint eleven portraits ranging in size four feet to seven feet in width and seven feet in height.

This is the first painting that will be framed.

Oh, these are for a production of THE SECRET GARDEN.

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