Thursday, March 3, 2016

Painting for EUREKA Part 3

A close to finished of my painting for 
Eureka! The Moment When Art and Science Collide

The science of my painting is Chemistry. What the interaction of certain chemicals and heat can do to styrofoam was the basis of how my painting would look.

With that thought I continued a painting series that I have started back in 2010. This painting will be the 24th in my WATERY LANDSCAPES HIDDEN WORD SERIES.

After I was happy with the look of the chemicals and heat did to the styrofoam, I then added bright and florescent colors to the background. To also help in sealing the styrofoam various clear acrylics where used.

Then I began to paint my tree-scapes that will contain a WORD. The trees/foliage create the letter and and in turn then creates a WORD.  When you first see my paintings you see the landscape of trees. Twenty two paintings in the series are painted on muslin/canvas with acrylic and oil paints. This painting has more of a 3d look to it. So seeing the word will be easier to find then most of my other paintings. Like all my paintings in this series have a specific look. All the backgrounds are very, I guess you can say abstract. Paint is squirted,sprayed, spattered, dripped and brushed on. Then I use only three color combinations with the oil paints. In this one I use Blue, Crimson and White.

© "Can You See EUREKA" by Bonnie Sprung _ 72"x36" Mixed Media

You need to see this painting in person.

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