Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Theatre Update

Today I created a cool visual…. Here is a Scenic Painting Swatch Demo that will be used for a workshop I am teaching, Apr. 8, 2010, during the Florida State Thespian competition. For my workshop I will be explaining how I created the faux woodgrain, marble, brick, stone and concrete. The students will be given some samples of scenes; they will quickly draw out some thumbnail sketches of the scene they choose. Then we will begin to construct a model for that set. They will learn basics in the short amount of time allotted.

On  May 27, 2010 a show called WHEN IN ROME, will be preformed by the students of The Hebrew Day School. I am designing and building the set, at my home to be transported and put together at the Plaza Theatre. I’ll have some photos up soon.

Following that, I will be designing my 12th show for Summer Fine Arts in Brevard County. This year the High School students will be working on WEST SIDE STORY. Some perform, some build and I get those who want to paint. The show opens at the end of June at Merritt Island High School.

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