Monday, April 18, 2011

The Views of Arsenic & Old Lace Set

Here are several different views of The Center Players show Arsenic and Old Lace set.

I designed and built the set by myself. In my last blog on it, I explained the step by step process of recycling sets.

Though there were some limitations with height and space. I still accomplished the sense of space and levels. The chandelier helped in pulling the whole look all together.

One of my favorite tools is the graining tool used to create wood. Besides the walls, I went and finished the set by adding a wood grained floor.

For a small added touch to give a look of the cellar. I added some styrofoam bricks to the wall. Not to hurt the auditorium wall, I just taped it up.
Many people thought the walls were covered in wallpaper. A stencil and some patience were the tools needed to create that wallpaper look.

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